Clapham apartment


This 3 bedroom ground floor flat, situated in a Victorian terrace house in Clapham, features an open kitchen/living space. This open plan feature inspired the design of a new kitchen to help direct the look and feel of the rest of the property.

Due to it’s unique structure we worked with a joiner to create a bespoke design which incorporated clever solutions for the small space. The client specifically requested a continuous colour scheme of soft blue and grey tones to run throughout in order to give a cohesive look and feel between each of the rooms.

In the kitchen we chose a fresh pale blue/grey for the cabinets, combined with antique brass knurled handles and white marble worktops and splashbacks. The oak shelf was installed to tie in with the existing flooring that the client requested to remain within the property. The fresh yet comforting design and feel of the open living/kitchen space continues throughout the flat into the bedrooms.

Our aim was to create an inviting yet sophisticated design whilst still incorporating the scheme that had been requested.