Property Development

We are a young design atelier dedicated to creating dynamic interiors, for marketing suites and show homes, within a turnkey package. Our sophisticated yet relaxed schemes focus on creating welcoming environments for potential buyers and are directed by the aspirations of your target clientele. The studio will oversee and manage the entire design process to guarantee a smooth and hassle free project. Hübner Studio always considers the architectural context of the development site and the demographic of the surrounding area to design relevant interior solutions that connect with your audience.

Work place

Hübner Studio understands how important workplace design can be to not only influence the productivity and motivation of your team but to also create an aspirational space that reflects your business in the best light for visitors, partners and clients. We focus on the optimal function of the space and premium designs that promote work efficiency and reflect a professional image. Practical solutions and hardworking furniture and fittings ensure a workplace that will still be relevant and functioning in years to come.

Our in-house team of experienced multi-disciplinary designers also offer a branding service to take your project one step further. We believe that design shouldn’t stop at the interior, Together we can work to establish the vision with the branding behind your project. We can help produce an experience that reflects your brand’s identity not only in the interiors but also the graphics and signage. Hübner Studio work with a trusted team of trades to help produce an experience like no other.


Our services are aimed at creating an environment that engages your customers whilst also showcasing the brand identity of your business. We take each project from concept to completion and using our trusted team of contractors and suppliers we are able to provide turnkey solutions to transform your space into a unique and memorable destination. Our goal is to create an atmosphere that not only attracts clients but also gives your colleagues a space that they’re proud and inspired to work in.